The Artist
Needles  are  my  brushes,  threads  my  pigments  and  precious  fabrics  my canvasses. I use these tools to express my creativity in the arts of embroideryand  textile.  I  live  between  Italy  and  Switzerland  and  I’m  married  to  a Frenchman. I was born and raised in Milan, the heart of fashion and design, and have travelled all over the world.
Today represents the third stage in my professional life. I started off being a paleographer  and  then  became  a  wine  producer  for  family  reasons.  These previous lives have connected me to history, nature and ancestral techniques. Already  as  a  child  I  began  creating  handmade  objects  with  various  media. French and Italian cultures are my roots, deep and strong. I am now at home in a  Swiss  mountain  village,  surrounded  by  silence,  nature,  rocks  and  cows.  All these different layers of myself enhance my creativity. Every day I use my hands to make uniquely refined artefacts. My clutches and handbags add an elegant touch to your appearance. My embroidered scrolls, cushions, folding screens, all inspired by Japanese culture and techinque, lend serenity to your home.